Motia, and Chameli

The Transporter

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.


Motia flowers are known as Jasmine. In my home country there are two types of them. One is grown as a shrub. The flowers are white, and very fragrant. The other variety is a climbing plant. It’s flowers are in two colors — white, and yellow. The yellow ones are without smell. The white ones are fragrant. These flowers are known as Chameli.

As children we used to gather flowers of Motia, or Chameli. We would thread them to make bracelets of flowers for our wrists. In summer evenings you will find street vendors making their living by selling bracelets, and necklaces made with Motia flowers.

The smell of Motia takes me back to my uncle’s home in Lahore. A half circular hedge of Motia extended from one gate to the other one. Older homes always had two gates — an in one, and an out one. Uncle’s whole home used to be filled with the scent of Motia.

The flowers are in abundance in summer, and their heavenly smell will always entice me.


Photos credit Google. The photo in the beginning shows Motia. The photo at the end shows Chameli.

7 thoughts on “Motia, and Chameli”

  1. Such a lovely memory. Autumn holds many memories for me: Smoke from a pile of crisp, burning leaves. The antiseptic smell of recently scrubbed, unscuffed tiled floors on the first day of school. The inky aroma of assignment sheets of freshly printed handouts. The woody scrapings around the pencil sharpener. Having been a teacher, many of my memories are centered around returning to school each September.

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  2. Your story reminds me of when I went to Key West and I learned about Frangipani, and I just could not get enough of this tropical scent.

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