I Thought

Use It or Lose It
by Michelle W.
Write about anything you’d like, but make sure the post includes this sentence:

“I thought we’d never come back from that one.”

Photo of Masjid al-Haram, Mecca taken by son-in-law FJ.

My (late) husband R, and I were at the end of Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca). We were staying in a hotel, a few steps away from Masjid Al-Haram. It surrounds the Kaaba to which Muslims turn their faces while praying.

I had fallen sick at the end of Haj. I was suffering from fever, and a bad cough. R had arranged for new tickets, and brought our dates forward for leaving. If he hadn’t done that, we would had to stay for more than a month.

We had the same routine as was in Madina. We met for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We spent more time at the Kaaba, or resting in between prayers.

There were many places for getting food, and choices of cuisines from different countries. We had fun trying new places. R had placed the order, and we were standing, and waiting for our food.

There was a six by four open space with no guarding rail to the kitchen below. It was a drop of fourteen feet. Someone passed close to where I stood. Inadvertently I stepped back, so that he wouldn’t collide with me. I never realized that I would be falling. I would have a broken neck, or broken limbs by falling backwards.

Thank God! R had sharp reflexes. He pulled me back. He was badly shaken. We never went there for the rest of our stay. I thought we’d never come back from that one again.


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