Loneliness is a Foe

Cut Off
by Michelle W.
When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?


Loneliness is a foe to be kept at bay

It can lead one to acute despair

You have to keep it banishing everyday

With books to read, and works you prefer

Sometimes succeeding, other times not

You can’t give in to what you fear

What I do is to keep myself busy

With good thoughts, and my daily prayers

Then there is my God, who watches over me

He buoys me up, and keeps me in good cheer


7 thoughts on “Loneliness is a Foe”

  1. truly, it fades away the spirit. yes remembering Allah is the best option, like in Surah Al-Baqarah ” Remember me and i will Remember you ” , or mufti Ismael menk define loneliness in a positive way, think of it as, Allah wants you to connect with him in private that is why he has make you lonely to give u the opportunity. but these thoughts don’t come to mind often so we despair.

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      1. if you observe this ayat u will appreciate it, i mean in real life even if we remember some one , that some one may not remember us, if we are missing some one, that some one may not be missing us, but think of the true love,it is connected with heart, with soul, Our soul is of Light, Allah is the light of heavens and the earth, the moment we Remember him , Allah remembers us instantly and our soul lightens up, Abida perveen song ” Dost ” lyrics made me see at this ayat differently, ” Jahaan mujh ko aaya khayaal aa gaye wuh,Dikhaayi hain dil ne karaamaat kya kya” , i will paraphrase a hadith which says if a slave remembers Allah, Allah rememebrs him in the gethering of the angels, if a slave walks towards Allah , Allah runs towards his slave.

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