Plead the Fifth

I had two children by choice. I could have more if I wanted. My (late) husband had zero patience with kids. I was on my own most of the time in bringing them up, as he used to be away on military exercises, border duties, and so on.

Obnoxious relatives assumed that I was unable to have more children. It was a crime in their eyes. They would advise that my husband get another wife.

Tired of them, when one woman said it to my face, I could contain it no longer. I was like, “What?”.

I was taken aback, but gave a rejoinder, “don’t worry about my husband. If he wants, he can get himself another wife. Why don’t you get another husband?”

It was like pouring oil on a burning fire. She shot up to her feet, and spluttered, “how dare you say such a thing?”

I looked at her calmly, “the same way you advised me to get a wife for my husband”.

Daily prompt: What question do you hate to be asked? Why?


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