Wearing Hijab

Dialogue between a Muslim mother, and her daughter. The daughter finds it stifling wearing a hijab. The mother insists she wears it to school, or going outside.

D says, “I don’t want to wear it”.

M, “why not?”


M, “tell me!”

D, “you won’t go off your rocker?”

M, “allright”.

D, “I feel a complete ninny, cause none of my classmates wear it. I am the odd one out”.

M, “but they are not Muslims. Why should they wear it?”

D, “why should I?”

M, “you have to wear it, because it’s ordained by God for us, and as such clear guidance is written in the Quran.  In Surah Al-Nur, and Surah Al-Ahzab, “believing women are told to cover themselves when they go out of their homes”.

D, “I feel ugly, and it’s depressing”.

M, “now you are objecting, but a few years onward you will find wearing hijab beneficial, and time saving. It protects your skin, and hair from the harmful effects of sun rays. You save time by not spending un-necessary hours in getting ready. It shows you as a modest person not given to appearances, so you gain respect, and most important it’s God’s injunction, not to be violated.

Besides, young lady you are getting late for school, and you better leave now”.


Here is a Christian lady who is wearing hijab for forty days. Please visit her journey of hijab. It’s quite interesting.


A House Divided

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.).

3 thoughts on “Wearing Hijab”

  1. its very common issue, and almost a year ago i happen to listen ustad nak being question the same answer by a fellow Muslim sister, she said same thing, Ustad Nak responce to that was awesome, he said , When God said to Ibrahim go to desert with ur wife and kids and build me a home, he didnt say well my wife is dying here its already so hot and my kid is still infant , i cant just leave my family in the middle of the desert , u know i believe in you, i have accepted u as my lord , nope he simply just obeyed the command from the God, because he knew the relation, He is the master we are the slave not even servants i repeat we are slaves, If we understand this Relation between a master and slave then there is no reasoning, reasoning is when we donot know who is the master and who is slave, but the moment we become Muslim and we testify we are slaves then the reasoning what will i get from not eating pork or what will i get from not drinking is lame, its for Non Muslims to give them reasoning. for a Muslim the master salve relation is enough .

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