Suzanne Collins, Judy Picoult  are my favorite authors. As per WordPress prompt I better ask them to write my biography. Will they do it?

Let us find out:

1st e-mail  to Judy Picoult.

Hi Judy, how are you? I love your writing. Would you be interested in writing my biography? What it entails, please let me know? My e-mail:sheen@——–phone number———-

No answer. At third try I better write to Suzzane Collins.

Hi Suzzane, this is Sheen. I am writing in the hope if I can interest you in writing my biography. I have come across so many people like me who adore your writing. If we can talk on telephone we can work out the details. My e-mail address is sheen@——— my phone number———

No reply — no telephone — nothing.

Anyone interested out there?


If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?

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