Peace be Upon You

This isn’t about the third sentence from Mrs Anglo Swiss’s blog. I got the idea about what to write was from her second last, and third last paragraphs.

Muslims greet each other with the words:


These words are : AssalamuAlaikum Warahmatullahi Wah Barakatuhu. 

The translation: May Peace be upon you, and God’s Mercy, and Blessings.

Normally people use a shorter version which is; AssalamuAlaikum (Peace be upon you). The return reply is: WahlaikumAssalam which means “to you Peace be upon you”.

The correct way of etiquette is that the person who is younger should greet first the older one. Another way is that both should say it at the same time. Some who are arrogant, and have a mistaken idea about their own worth wait till the other person say it first, and then they deign to reply.

I have really met such people. Basically they are good people, but why they act this way is beyond me. I hold parents responsible, and specially the mothers for such an attitude. Children learn from their parents, and teachers. Good manners should be taught at an early age when children are impressionable. What they imbibe at this stage makes up their personalities later on.

Third From the Top

Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

8 thoughts on “Peace be Upon You”

  1. Countries have their own customs in this respect. I lived with an Indian family for two years in Zürich and learnt that you call the older sister bhaji, but the older sister addrsses the younger sister/brother by name. An interesting custom.

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    1. In Pakistan (my home country) the elders expect respect from the younger generation. The young have to say Salam first if they go to other people’s homes, or they come face to face outside with the elders. When they don’t it is considered rude.
      Similarly the younger ones don’t address the older ones by name.
      The greetings in your blog reminded me. Thank you.


      1. Is it ? as in home tv serials are must 😛 we regularly watch pakistani serials but we dont fynd smethng lyk dat. Though its only a drama, perhaps you are correct.
        But its a concern to be raised why they are not looking up ?
        We are muslims first then divided in regions.

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