Never Carry Tittle Tattle

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I can tell about two of my own set of values: one is “I never judge a person by what others say”. The second one is “I never carry tales”.

I form my own opinion when I meet a person. I never judge a person by what others say. They may have a wrong concept of a thoroughly nice person. I have found people often misjudge a person. They have their own pre-conceived notions in their minds, and they wrongly apply those when they meet the unfortunate individual.  

One rule which I have applied zealously in my own life is never to create further rift among two people who are not pulling on well with each other.

When someone confides in me about their own life, and maybe mention another person, I never tittle tattle. I simply abhore it. It is as good as forgotten once it reaches my ears. I have never carried it further (with more lies added as fuel to ignite a fire) to the person mentioned. People who do such things are evil that’s all I can say.

I Walk the Line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

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