Stop Analyzing What I Said!


I am sure most of us must have read or heard of this piece of advice “Think before you speak”, or “Speak less, listen more”.

A week earlier we had a get together at my son’s home. I have a tendency to give compliments where I feel it’s due. I just can’t withhold it. It’s the way I am, and my this habit is very old. 

I remember I was singing praises of some girl before my uncle, and he asked me, “don’t you feel envious of her?”

“No! Why should I”, was my reply.

Now I think I should curb this habit, but changing myself is a bit too late. A lady I like for her ready wit, was at this dinner. I said something admiring  to her. Another lady X listening said, “are you complimenting her, or finding fault with her?” For the moment I was speechless.

I was suddenly at a loss for words. I was mentally aghast at her interpretation of what I said. 

Today is another party at a friend’s home, and my own advice to myself is, “keep away from X”.

Powerful Suggestion

What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?

3 thoughts on “Stop Analyzing What I Said!”

  1. The generous see generosity for what it is. The mean-spirited tend to think that everyone is mean-spirited and miss the beauty and truth of the world. Don’t change. We need as many generous spirited people as we can get.

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  2. Simon,
    How true that is. My mother- in- law did not look after her MIL when she was younger and so she now thinks that I, her daughter- in – law will mete the same treatment out to her.


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