Going Nowhere


Muscat. Photo thanks to son-in-law FJ
With my (late) husband out of the picture, my two children decide my fate —- where to go, and how?

My son S rarely goes anywhere with his work schedules. In the almost two years of my living with him (on May 11 it will be exactly two years), we have only been to Dallas, and Galveston. 

With my daughter Nola, life is a whirlwind. You never know where you are going to end up? She is another extreme. Last year it was Boston, and Raleigh, North Carolina. I only went to Boston. She wanted me to come to Raleigh. I didn’t go (I had been to North Carolina in 2006), so she came here to Houston to see me, and each day we were on a sight seeing trip. 

I am looking forward to her visit in July this year (Inshallah), and see where, and what I am seeing?


The Happy Wanderer

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

4 thoughts on “Going Nowhere”

  1. I like the idea of having “sight seeing” days at home. I used to do that. When I first moved here (to Portland, Oregon) I had a stream of out of state visitors as family came to see where I now lived. It was great to visit with them but it was also a lot of fun because I took them lots of places. They were treated to sight seeing around Portland and I was treated to exploring and discovering new to me places in my new hometown. Lots of fun for all of us! Now I need more family and friends to come visit so I can take us all to go explore!

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  2. I think you are too young to time your travels according to the travel plans of others. Perhaps you need to go back to your home town and connect to your roots once more.


    1. Susie! It isn’t fun to go anywhere by yourself alone, unless there is someone to share it with. That’s why I wait for my children to draw up the plans, and then go along with them.


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