My Two Recipes


I have two recipes of sandwiches for sharing. Both are quite old. The first one is from a marvelous chef who kindly gave me his recipe for a chicken sandwich. The other one I learnt from watching a TV program.

The Chicken Sandwich

Ingredients: fresh bread, thinly sliced. 

A small breast of chicken. Boil the piece with two cloves of garlic till tender. Discard the garlic, retain the soup for use in some other recipe. Shred the chicken breast.

2 sticks of unsalted butter. Use 1 in the recipe, and the other one for spreading on the slices of bread.

1large tomato, remove seeds, cut into pieces.

Salt, and black pepper to taste.

Process chicken, butter, tomato, salt and pepper in a processor for a minute, or so. 

Take two pieces of bread. Spread a little bit of butter on each piece. Spread chicken mixture on one piece, and press the other one on top. Remove the crusts from the sandwich, and cut it diagonally. Assemble more of the sandwiches. Cover the sandwiches with clingfilm. Leave them in a fridge till you are ready to eat them.

Vegetables Bread Pizza

Toast the pieces of bread in a toaster. Cut Bell Pepper, tomato, olives (green or black), fresh onion into small pieces. You can add Jalapeño pepper if you like it.

Take a piece of bread. Put a slice of Cheddar Cheese on it. Spread a mixture of vegetables on top of the bread toast. Sprinkle Parmesan. Assemble the other pieces of bread the same way.

Bake for 8 minutes in a hot oven(180 degrees Centigrade) or till the cheese is melted. Enjoy.

You, the Sandwich

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)

2 thoughts on “My Two Recipes”

    1. One stick of butter is used in the mixture. The other one is needed for spreading on the slices. I suppose if one doesn’t want the extra butter, it can be left out.


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