The Prompt We Did Again

Super Sensitive

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?
We are doing it again. Who is counting?

I wouldn’t like to give up any of my senses, even though some of them now don’t  work perfectly. My eyes are myopic. To look into a distance I need glasses. 

I have never used contact lenses, cause I fear putting anything into my eyes. I don’t wear specs even, cause they leave a dent on my nose. I only use my specs when driving. The things, or people at a distance are blurry images. I am used to it now.

About five years ago I accidentally perforated my left ear drum. What was I doing?

I was trying to clean my left ear with a q-tip. I sneezed at the moment, and I damaged my ear drum. The pain was excruciating, and any noise was magnified ten times more. I had to go, and see an ENT (ear and nose) specialist. What he said was, “if I wanted I could have surgery to repair it, or leave it to mend on its own (which would take sometime)”.  I decided the later.

Apparently it didn’t work. To this day I can’t tolerate loud noises, specially the shrieks kids do when they get together. I stuff my ears with little bits of tissues (the ear plugs are never at hand to use) whenever there is loud music, or noise.

My nose does work —- I mean my sense of smell works haphazardly. I keep breathing through my mouth. I do it unconsciously all the time, but the minute there is a bad smell, my nose kicks off automatically into user mode. My mouth clumps shut, and my nose works into over drive. My nose can’t take the bad smell (I have seen people around me are not even aware of it). 

I clutch at the ends of my dupatta, or scarf, whichever is at hand to cover my sensitive nose. If both are unavailable, my hand covers my nose, so that I can breathe.

My (late) husband would joke, “your nose should be given to scientists so they can discover why it works the way it does”. 

I am thankful for my nose, because many a times I would come into the kitchen, and smell the gas (left on inadvertently by someone using the cooking range), and I would turn it off —– saving all of us from great harm.

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