A Dog Named Bob


IB playing on his 2DC upside down. I caught this photo from upstairs.

IB (my youngest grandson) has gone to Peshawar. He along with his mama, and Sn (brother) is spending summer vacation there. I won’t be seeing him loading his chocolate chips waffle onto a plate, and drenching it with maple syrup. It’s his favorite breakfast. I miss him.

We go to collect our mail from the mailbox at night, when we have our 2-3 miles walk. The mailbox is at some distance from our home. No blue jay lurks at night, must be safely ensconced in its’ nest. Though I have seen blue jays in the mornings in our backyard.

I don’t keep pets. I have to say my daily prayers, and that means my clothes shouldn’t be defiled by a dog, or cat touching me. So no dogs, or cats for me (I don’t yearn for them anyway). That means I will never have a dog named Bob.

A Dog Named Bob

You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob.

10 thoughts on “A Dog Named Bob”

    1. Thank you. You have to say your prayers with clean clothes. If a cat, or dog rub against your clothes — the clothes are defiled. You have to then change your clothes to say the prayers. Prayers have their specific timings, and you have to say them at those timings. One can’t change clothes so many times, it will be tiring. Muslims who keep dogs for security reasons keep them outside their homes.


  1. But at least you will have contemplated the absence of Bob, so, in some very real sense, Bob is already real. I pray daily but in a more informal way. I will pray in church when I’m in one but most days I pray while contemplating the heavens and the beauty of the world…while out walking my dog….called Jolly.

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    1. Muslim prayers are different from yours. There are five obligatory prayers — before dawn called Fajr, the noon prayer called Zuhr, the afternoon called Asr, the evening one called Maghrib, and night one called Isha.
      Then there are the optional ones Tahajud, and Ishraq. They are not mandatory, but they are encouraged cause they carry great rewards.

      Purity of clothes is a must for prayers.

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      1. I recognise this and have the utmost respect for your religion. I was gently mocking my own faith (sincerely held) that can be served so lightly. Please forgive any unintended flippancy on my part.

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