The Early Years


I haven’t written page one

So how do I write page three

I am trying, exhausted so far

I stare at the walls bleakly

My brain is mush, no words come forth

How to begin? And how to end?

And all in between, I wonder if you can guide me

If there is no one to tell, and no one to push

It will be the death of my biography 

The Early Years

Write page three of your autobiography

6 thoughts on “The Early Years”

    1. Wow! So many. Akhiz, thank you.

      I am deeply touched, and honored.I have so many pending that I have lost them. I mean I lose track of the letters informing me.


  1. Yes, you should Sheen. I agree the first step is the most difficult one but when you have walked it, it no longer is the difficulty. I like the drawing – puts the thing in a new light. I like the way it is learning to fly. 🙂


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