All About Me

My father named me two names. My blog’s name is its translation into English. Flower is the second part of my name. Gul means “flower”. Breezes is the first part of my name. The Pustho name means “the early morning breeze”. That’s how my blog’s name came into existence.

I was visiting Riyadh, where my daughter is located. It was nearly four months after my husband died. She wanted me to start a blog. Mainly she wanted me occupied with something now that I was on my own.

I was telling her that I had forgotten English, how was I going to write anything?

Up till my husband’s dying, my life existed all around him. If I was going somewhere, he had to be there too. He wanted all my attention entirely focused on him. He couldn’t function without me. Suddenly, he was no longer there, and it seemed time hung on my hands.

My daughter wanted a part of me when I am gone. She wanted to hold onto some thing concrete. When people die, you wonder whether they were actually here in this world. A person, who is living, and breathing becomes a memory only. A time comes when memory starts fading. And the person you loved most, fades away too, and is lost in time.

Writing is the only thing which is left till eternity for all to see. My blog is my footsteps in time.

All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

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