Snapshot Stories


On my IPad is this photo of my (late) husband R, and myself. This was taken on a roadside when we were going to Chitral. 

I had asked R to take us for a tour of the Northern Areas, as the children summer vacation had started. He combined it with his own visiting to the areas. There were times when the children, and I did the sight seeing on our own, while he was having some army activity, or other such function.

I have a video recording of the areas we visited back home with me. That was the time of VHS tapes. Last I tried to see my daughter’s wedding, both my old VCRs didn’t work at all. 

We went to the sulphur springs in Garam Chasma. The water is good for skin ailments, and doctors recommend it.

Then we stayed in Chitral for three days. R, and S (son) bought themselves ‘Chughas’, and Chitrali caps. My daughter, and I bought colorful shawls for winter wear.

We traversed the narrow paths to Kalash Valley. The Kalash women’s dresses and head gears are unique. We saw their burial places, and homes which are mainly made from wood.

We had a mishap on our way back, when the jeep carrying our son slipped from the narrow path, and down the hillside. It was a miracle that our son, and the driver survived.

We passed through Hunza, but didn’t stay. Peach, and Apricot blossoms dotted the valley, and were a beautiful sight.

The yearly Polo matches at Shandur were just days away, but my husband didn’t have time, and we couldn’t stay on our own.

We visited too many places in too short a time, so their names are all a blur, and I am not good at remembering names.

Photo Credits to Google for all the photos except my own.

Snapshot Stories

Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there . Tell us the story of that photo.


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