Can Never Be


Some people have all the charm. When it suits them, they turn on their charm to get their way just like the politicians who want your vote — all smiles — no butter will melt in their slimy mouths. At other times, when it’s not to their advantage, they turn distant.

Once I recognize such people, my advice is, “when you know a person’s true colors, don’t be taken in, and keep your distance”.

I believe in it, but what actually happens I am duped again. When that person tries to be sweet to me, my resolve weakens, I doubt myself —– what if I am mistaken? Maybe I got it wrong. I am being too suspicious? I shouldn’t be. Why can’t I be charitable, and believe that the said person has turned a new leaf.

Turning a new leaf? My foot! In real life it’s impossible —– can never be.

                     ❈              ❈             ❈              ❈              ❈                 ❈

Take It From Me

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?

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