Too Busy


Ismail is too young to go by himself to the swimming pool. Mama has decreed that Haroon (the big brother) should take him for his swimming. Mama is busy right now having her own hen session on the phone.

Ismail clutches his swimwear tote, and comes upstairs in search of Haroon.

“Go away, can’t you see I have tons to do?”

“Mama says you have to take me”.

“Tell Musa to go along with you”.

Musa normally is oblivious to everyone, but his hearing becomes acute when something is expected from him. He snarls in response, “I am busy”. Actually he is busy playing with his friend (thanks to Wi-Fi) on a computer game.

“Ha! Why don’t I believe it?” Haroon derides, while his fingers are clicking the controller.

Mama finishes her (important) discussion thirty minutes later, and comes out of her room. She finds Ismail sitting despondently on the bottom stair still holding onto his bag.

She asks, “why are you still here?”

“Nobody is taking me”.

Mama calls Haroon, “come down, and take your brother for swimming”.

“It’s six already. The pool must be closed by now”. Haroon wants the swim taking to be put off.

“No, it closes by seven thirty”.

“Mama! I have homework to do, why can’t he go some other day”.

Mama marches upstairs to find Haroon sprawled in the den (very busy) playing on one of the game console, and conversing with his friends. Mama unplugs the whole thing amidst grunts, and denials.

Ismail finally goes to the swimming pool. He had been waiting patiently (the whole week) for someone to take him swimming. Poor tyke!


Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people)

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