Familial Feast

I would love to have an Aunts’ Day, as aunts are a forgotten specie. They are least remembered, and honored.

My father’s younger sister Zareen, whom we called Babo (aunt in Pushto language) acted as a surrogate mother to us in the absence of our mother. Our mother died very early in life at age twenty eight. When our father was absent from home, she would come, run our home, and look after us.

Dear Babo, may you have great rewards with God. All His Blessings on you, Ameen.

Another person is my younger sister. She acted as a mother to our nephew Asif, when she was herself twelve years old. Our sister-in-law made it her duty to look after the baby. She had to feed the baby, and remain awake the whole night.

Here is to Aunts —- they are the greatest.

Familial Feasts

Many countries celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?


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