Unwanted Guests

There are many things I should do, but I keep on postponing them to an another day. Why do I do it? Here are the reasons: first reason —- there isn’t enough time. Time is an elusive thing, it slips away so easily. And the second one is: when there is time available I lose the will to do them.

I find that I don’t have the energy to tackle them. Then again time is the main issue. Sometimes it requires money, and I feel that the money spent is not justified. 

At other times more pressing matter requires my time, and it takes up precedent over the old ones. The tasks I intended to do are pushed to the back. They remain on the back burner till the need for them arises. They make me mad at myself, “why I didn’t find time to do them?”.

I remember when we first shifted to Peshawar. While putting our house to order —– unpacking furniture from crates, getting the kitchen shipshape for producing meals, putting the odds, and ends of our life in different rooms —— we were having hoards of unannounced guests. 

All those people should have given us time to settle down. But no they had to come during all hours of the day. There wasn’t time even for a shower. Every time I headed towards the bathroom, there were guests out there to express, “how happy they were to finally see us in Peshawar…….. blah, blah, blah”.

Before going to bed, with clean clothes in hand I needed the bathroom, my (late) husband caught me, “no you smell fine, come and sleep”.

On the second day I was ready to either kill myself, or murder the uninvited guests. I was having blissful thoughts of an extended bath, when my husband announced that Mr, Mrs ABCD, and children were waiting in the drawing room.

Telling him I was coming, I went to have my bath first. Feeling human again I greeted the unwelcome guests, meanwhile ignoring the daggers shooting from my husband’s eyes. In his eyes, I had committed an unpardonable sin in not hurrying to meet my guests.

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

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7 thoughts on “Unwanted Guests”

  1. Seriously, appearances matter more these days. But they do no good in the long run…for how long will you continue?

    I have made it a point not to invite if I feel we will be under pressure!


      1. Every single person I know has a cell phone. People deny others the simple courtesy of letting them know that they want to visit, or to ask if they can come. The unwanted guests I mentioned are the ones like that.
        They even don’t look at the time. The ones I wrote about came at 3 pm when normally people are having an afternoon nap. My whole home was upside down. More than half the things were still in boxes, and crates. They sat for three hours. Can you imagine that?

        I never visit people without letting them know first. I only expect the same courtesy from them. Is it too much to ask?

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      2. I agree with you…I have been through all this myself too.

        Last month somebody was to come from another city for visiting us and we kept waiting on Saturday (normally we go out every weekend). She didn’t call us till 1 and when I called to inquire, she said they are not coming! Spoiled our day…but more importantly, I had to call to ask!

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  2. I am seeing this “Go away” quite often. I cannot complain about people standing on my doorstep, but I hate any type of calls which have nothing to do with me. I have to put away the brush and paint dries, and I am so disappointed when there is again somebody with their whatever totally useless offer. It is a good thing to arrange an appointment. After reading your story, I am very aware how important that actually is and I am glad people in Canada act this way.

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    1. Hi Inese, how are you?
      Everyone has landlines (home telephones), and cell phones. They should have the courtesy, and good manners to let those who they intend to visit before hand. The hosts get time to be ready for guests, or if they are unavailable they let the guests know the time they are free.
      One other thing I dislike is visiting at odd hours when you least expect visitors like as early as 7 am, or after eight in the evening. It’s all right in emergencies but not as a rule.


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