My Own Style

Image Credit: thanks to Google

My daughter laughs at our daily prompts. She says it’s all about your own self. For example: I do this ——  I like this, and so on ——-.

So here goes for the umpteenth time.

I never look to others. I wear what pleases me, and the colors I like. I have always gone for comfort in everything. I am never concerned to what others wear. Women, and girls were wearing floor length shirts around me. I stuck to my knee length ones. Shirts went up the knees, I am still wearing my old ones.

Now that I am wearing pants, and jeans I go for hundred percent cotton ones, and shirts which cover the arms, and crotch. Cotton being pricey, I wait for sales, and then get them at a reasonable price.

I keep my hair short. It’s easier to maintain. When I was younger, my (late) husband never allowed me to cut my hair. I adhered to his wishes till he finally bowed down to my wish.

I do my cooking using less of oil, and spices, except when cooking for guests. For my daily diet, I am more into salads, nuts, and fresh fruits. On occasions where I am forced to, I keep up the pretence that I have eaten everything.

In communication I have zero skills. I am shy, and have a tendency to go into a hiding mode. If I were a tortoise it would have suited me. I could hide beneath my shell. Bliss indeed!

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Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.

2 thoughts on “My Own Style”

    1. Thank you. I wear clothes similar to the photo, and these clothes are very comfortable. For parties, and weddings our clothes become more glamorous. We get our clothes for a lot less than what the fashion houses, designers sell.


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