No, I don’t have a tattoo, and I don’t like them either. I dislike them all together. They are a monstrosity done to a human’s skin. 

I feel people shouldn’t disfigure their skins with tattoos, and shouldn’t have them. That’s my view, and you are welcome to your own views. You are perfectly right if you want a tattoo emblazoned on your skin.

I do like henna designs done on hands though. When my (late) husband was alive, I would get a henna cone from the market. The henna cones adorn every stall and cart when the Eid days are near. I always did it on my left hand, either on the palm, or on the back of my hand. It looked so pretty. The design would be gone in a week, and I would love it, while it lasted.

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In my culture, when a girl is getting married, she has to have henna (mehndi) on her hands and feet. A bride’s getup is not complete without henna.

The evening before the wedding day the Mehndi (henna) ceremony is held. It’s a ladies function. The bridegroom’s mother, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends arrive to put mehndi on the bride’s hands. They don’t actually make the designs on her hands. That’s done later by an expert when the guests go away. 

A leaf, or a tissue is put on the bride’s palm, so as not to mar her hands with the red color of mehndi. The guests in turn approach her, beginning with the bridegroom’s mother. They put a small bit of mehndi on her palm. It’s just symbolic.


Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?


2 thoughts on “Tattoo–You?”

  1. I don’t dislike my tattoo because I never think of it, but there were dozens of times afterward I wished I’d had the $100 it cost. There are styles of tattoos these days that girls are doing that I think are hideous, particularly on the neck and upper chest. Such a beautiful part of a woman’s body messed up forever with stupid words or ugly designs that will NOT get better looking as time passes. Henna would have been a better choice for all those girls who thought they had to write their home town on their breast bone.

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