I ‘m Waiting

I have never done anything like tossing coins in a fountain. I would prefer to give the coins to a poor person who is staving off hunger, and needs them. And there are many like that in my home country.

Whenever our servant was on leave, and I didn’t feel like making rotis (flat bread) at home, my (late) husband and I would head towards the nearest Tanoor (place there was a oven for making rotis) to buy them.  While buying rotis for us, I would hand over more coins to the hungry children waiting there so that they could buy rotis to take home.

I would love to have a fountain in my front, or backyard. Up till now this wish hasn’t been granted by God. He must be tired with all the wishes I keep on pestering Him with.

Wish one ——- still pending.

Wish two ——- still pending.

Wish three —— still pending.

My wishes have not reached you O God

When will you make them come true

I am still waiting for you to say yes

Is it that the timing is not right for you



Three Coins in the Fountain

Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

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