Books that Sting

I never knew books could bite and sting. I don’t read serious stuff. There are enough problems in my life to be burdened with more. No, thank you.

Talking of stings remind me of wasps clinging to water drops on the grass in the backyard of our village home. During summer the wasps come back. They thrive in the heat and make their nests everywhere. I am forever busy in trying to remove their nests from our verandahs. At moments like those I am mad at our lazy watchman. When the grass is watered they swoop down to drink.

The first time I looked outside I thought of daisies. I had a nasty surprise when they turned out to be wasps. I had not put on glasses to see properly— my fault. The color contrast is beautiful — green and yellow.

I have not kept a washing machine in the village home. My (late) husband and I used to go occasionally to the village. Another factor was, and  is the state of electricity. It is rarely in working mode.

When I have to hang washing on the clothes line outside, I keep on repeating an Ayat from the Quran, so as not to be stung by the wasps. It works when I step through the grass, and the wasps angrily buzz off.

Here is the Ayat 130, Surah 26 Shuaraa, Section 7.

130. Wa-itha batashtum batashtum jabbareena

Translation of Ayat 130. “And when ye exert
Your strong hand,

Do ye do it like men

Of absolute power?”

Do you know I had forgotten the Ayat was from which Surah? I looked up Google. Thank you Google. You are the best.

Daily Prompt: That Stings!

Franz Kafka said, “we ought to read only books that bite and sting us.” What’s the last thing you read that bit and stung?

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