Forever Young

If I can have the face and figure I had at eighteen, why not?

But there is a contingency to it. 


With the above I would like to have the same knowledge I have now. Only and only then I will drink from it.

Then again if it entails living forever, I won’t drink. I would like to remain the same as I am now till death comes.

I remember as a child when I saw my dead mother, my thoughts were of dodging death. Stories abound in every culture of fountain of life. I thought when I grew up I would search the world for it. As if it was an easy thing? Ha!

As a teenager realization struck that roaming the world alone, unprotected wasn’t a choice. The world was a dangerous place, and going alone was a folly. I never ventured anywhere unattended.

I did read the chilling story of a man who searched the world for fountain of life. He wanted to escape death. When he reached it, he was delirious with happiness. He was about to drink when he noticed old people lying about the place, who couldn’t move at all. He found that those were the ones who had drunk from the fountain.

They were living forever, wishing for death to come and death wasn’t coming.

Forever Young

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

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10 thoughts on “Forever Young”

  1. Though its a question at personal level

    Yes being healthy and beautiful till death is good thing to have .

    Let us supreme energy decide us what is wrong and what is right for us

    Your story is so thought full

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    1. Hi Nisthur, I won’t like to live forever (if we had a choice ) although the thought of death terrifies me.

      There is a movie “Death Becomes Her” of Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn in which they drink a potion to live forever. It’s hilarious.


      1. I have not seen movie which you have mentioned .

        YES every body has same feeling on death.

        But i have started enjoying life more after knowing more facts and

        As per my understanding views if its his wish the who am i to have objection?
        or any other activity or every activity is being controlled by him.

        let him do his job.

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