A Cup of Water

What wakes me up?

The fear of God and the Day of Reckoning when we will be standing before Him, and know what will be our eternal abode — heaven or hell?

I hurry to do my wadu, and say my Fajr (morning) prayer.

I have answered this prompt (worded this time differently) at least three times, so I won’t repeat.

Before my (late) husband got sick, I was taking a class with a religious teacher on Quran and Islam. Later on when my husband got progressively more sick, I had to leave.

The teacher guided us towards many books by well known Islamic scholars. This story is from one of the books.

There was once a man who was very pious. He used to pray when he would find time from his worldly pursuits. A day came when he decided to leave everything— his wealth, his wife and his children. He retired to a rocky island where no one dwelt. He spent his whole time in praying to God and meditation.

Those were the days when an average human life was a thousand years or less. This man lived six hundred and fifty years. He had supplicated God that when he dies he should die in prostration. God granted his wish. In death his head touched the ground.

After death he came before God. God told the angels to take him to heaven. The man was irked and disappointed that God didn’t acknowledge his years of praying. He thought that his praises would be sung. Nothing like that happened. He felt slighted.

God being God knew what he was thinking. Instead of heaven the man suddenly found himself in a desert. He was in agony, parched with thirst.

He asked for a cup of water. A hand appeared from the unseen holding a cup of water, “This cup of water for your years of praying?”

The man said yes. His years of praying were worth only a cup of water.

We forget that whatever good we do, we do it for our own souls. God doesn’t need us but we mortals need Him for our own salvation.
Daily Prompt: Forward Drive

What is the one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning and do whatever it is you do? Is it writing, family, friends, or something else entirely?


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