Tooting My Horn

A Persian Court Scene.         Photo credit: Google

I am listing my faults so if Ben Huberman takes up my suggestion for tomorrow’s daily prompt, it should be: Write your faults. 

In a religion class, the teacher asked me, “What are your faults?”

I was tongue tied. How could I (in front of the whole class) mention the faults in my personality? I wanted to, but held my tongue. Why? Many remember and it comes out at the wrong moment when you are least expecting it, telling to your embarrassment to all and sundry.

One is I get upset easily. Second one is: When someone wrongs me, I keep on talking about that person and can’t stop. Third one: I take time in forgiving. 

My daughter’s motto in life towards me is:  Don’t let mama say anything bad about anyone. The minute I start she says, Stop mama and I am forced to check in unwillingly, and if I continue? Can you believe? The phone stops working. It conspire against me. I maybe boiling inside with injustice, and long to get the angry feelings out. I have stopped saying anything.

My fourth fault: I try to please everyone coming in contact with me. My (late) husband named me Darbari. It means Courtier — who agrees to what his monarch says and keeps him entertained.

According to big brother Lala, don’t be so sweet that people should swallow you, and don’t be so bitter that people should spit you. 

Life is a balancing act. Isn’t it?


These Horns Were Made for Tooting

Today, share something you love about yourself — don’t be shy, be confident! — but that few other people know about you or get to see very often.


6 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn”

  1. Every single one of your faults, I have. We have the very same personality, dear. Even from across oceans! Who woulda thought! With God’s help, we just gotta keep trekkin’!

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