No Wish To Be

I wouldn’t like to go through life’s trials again

I have lived through so much, what’s there to gain

Being an orphan —- being a widow

No, thank you I don’t want to be reborn

As like myself, or someone else before

Cause I know living life is not so easy 

It’s scary and interspersed with pain

I have yet no wish to be born again


Daily Prompt: From the Top

If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or would opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choice.

8 thoughts on “No Wish To Be”

  1. Daleel-E-Subah-E-Roshan Hai Sitaron Ki Tunak Tabi
    Ufaq Se Aftab Ubhra, Gya Dour-E-Garan Khawabi

    The dimness of the stars is evidence of the bright morning.
    The sun has risen over the horizon; the time of deep slumber has passed.

    Allama Iqbal
    Poet of the East

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  2. Asar Kuch Khawab Ka Ghunchon Mein Baqi Hai To Ae Bulbul !
    “Nawa Ra Talakh Tar Mee Zan Choo Zauq-E-Nagma Kmyabi”

    If there is still some trace of sleep left in the buds, my nightingale,
    Then make your songs more plaintive, for you found their desire to hear your melody too little.

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  3. Nawa Pera Ho Ae Bulbul Ke Ho Tere Taranum Se 
    Kabootar Ke Tan-E-Nazuk Mein Shaheen Ka Jigar Paida

    Burst into song, oh nightingale! so that from your melody
    The spirit of the royal falcon may arise in the delicate body of the dove!

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  4. Makan Fani, Makeen Ani, Azal, Tera, Abad Tera
    Khuda Ka Akhiri Pegham Hai Tu, Javidan Tu Hai

    Space is transient; its inhabitants are transitory, but the beginning of time is yours; its end is yours.
    You are the final message of God; you are eternal.

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  5. Teri Fitrat Ameen Hai Mumkanat-E-Zindagani Ki 
    Jahan Ke Johar-E-Muzmar Ka Goya Imtihan Tu Hai

    Your nature is the trustee of all the possibilities of life;
    You are like the touchstone of the hidden essence of the world.

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