Pay it Forward


Whenever some one asks for help , or I sense it myself I do it with whatever means I have. I don’t expect anything in return. I seek my reward with God.

My son S had gone to a mosque for donating clothes and things for the needy. It was nearer Zuhr Prayer (noon prayer), so he decided to wait, say his prayer and then leave. A man came and asked him about the timings. The prayer time was at 1.45 pm. In between waiting for the Azan (the muezzin call to prayer) they got talking. 

He was a Palestinian refugee who is residing here.  He was working in Kuwait and used to send money to his wife and children in Palestine. After the war breakout, he shifted to U.S. He lost his papers somehow and to this day he is a refuge. He tried to go back but the land is under Israeli rule. They are not allowing him. He was telling my son he is a man without a country. Here he is not accepted as a citizen and he can’t go back. He hasn’t seen his family for the past fifteen years.

He supports himself by selling blankets (he stands at a corner) in downtown Houston. He gets them from a shopkeeper, sells them, and then pay the shopkeeper. A few days back a woman with two kids came. She was homeless and needed the blankets for her kids, since the nights are getting cooler. She didn’t have the money to pay him. She told him that she had some vouchers if he could accept them in place of money. He accepted the vouchers and gave the woman two blankets.

Later on when he checked the vouchers they were expired. Now he doesn’t know how he is going to pay back the shopkeeper? The blankets were 100 dollars each. He makes only 6-10 dollars profit on them which he spends on food and his upkeep.

My son gave him whatever was in his pockets. I felt so bad after hearing the story.

Today when I was reciting the Quran in the morning, I came to read these Ayats.

Below are Ayats 6, 7 and 9 from the Quran, 29th Surah Al Ankabut
Translation by Yusuf Ali

And if any strive (with might and main), they do so for their own souls: for Allah is free of all needs from all creation.

This means who strive to do good deeds they do it for their own benefits .(Sheen)

Translation by Yusuf Ali

Those who believe and work righteous deeds,- from them shall We blot out all evil (that may be) in them, and We shall reward them according to the best of their deeds.
Translation by Yusuf Ali

And those who believe and work righteous deeds,- them shall We admit to the company of the Righteous.


Pay It Forward

Tell us about a time when you responded to an act of kindness with one of your own.

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