Life’s a Candy Store

As a grownup I still like eating candy. Though the only one I buy is lemon gum, and restrict it to two a day. My daughter had a box full of chocolates atop the fridge. I almost finished the box by myself when I visited her. To keep myself in check every time when I am in a shop I tell myself  there will be a next time to buy them. The next time kepts getting postponed.

As a six year old my favorite person was uncle N. He was the one person who bought me candies. I remember trailing behind him on our way to shop for candies. He was married to my paternal aunt A. He stayed at our home whenever he was in our city.

He was a very calm and soft spoken person. Lala (big brother) and uncle N would be discussing politics at the dinner table, and I would jump right in with my own set of questions. Why is the sky blue in color? From where does the rain comes? Who are our friends? He would reply patiently to each question never telling me to stop asking them.

He was a fixture at our home. He was jobless, and often tried out new business ventures. Those failed too. In between, our home was his staying place.

All that changed with the advent of our step mom. She threw out our old servants and hired new ones. After that she wanted uncle N gone from our home.

Initially father refused to do so. She concocted a lie. It must have been pretty serious. I never saw him again. For me the thought of candy will always be associated with him.



Life’s a Candy Store

You get to be a 6-year-old kid again for one day and one day only β€” plan your perfect 24 hours. Where do you go, what do you do, and with whom?


11 thoughts on “Life’s a Candy Store”

    1. I never saw him again. When I got married I was out of the country for three years. Meanwhile uncle had died. What happened next was tragic. His two sons died young in their twenties. One was killed by someone, and the other got sick. Uncle’s land and house were grabbed by a cousin.

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