An Update From Me

The day before I have arrived back. Yesterday my daughter and I travelled by road from Washington DC to Charlottesville. I visited the place I am going to live, and liked it. I had a look at it through Internet before coming. The only drawback is that the bathrooms are not attached to the bedrooms. Will be getting the key today, Insha’Allah. The last few days before arrival were hectic. Closing a home is not easy. I had to take care of lots of things before leaving.

Similarly moving to a different place is not easy either. It has me scared. Will I be able to cope?  My daughter will be heading back to her own home in Saudi Arabia in two weeks time. She is here to help me settle in a new place on my own. The decision has been heart wrenching, and I have cried over and over again. Needless to say what I am leaving unsaid.

If I had to get magical qualities I would use it to calm myself in the upheaval in my life.


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4 thoughts on “An Update From Me”

    1. Thanks and I am extremely sad over my decision to move to Virginia. State taxes and monthly taxes were high in Taxas. A two bedroom condo I liked had listed four and a half thousand annual fee and monthly one was four hundred and eighty. In one weeks’ time I will be left on my own.

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