The object, or I rather say the objective in sight is passing my DMV test in the few weeks ahead. I don’t even know where the premises are located being new to town here. To be truthful I did stay here for two months in the summer of 2010. I was than a visitor, and never envisaged that I will be back here as a  resident some day. I am trusting Google Maps to show me the route.

My son kept me from acquiring a car when I arrived in Houston in May 2013. He said, “Mama! You don’t need to drive”. Most of the time I was confined to my room upstairs waiting for a weekend when he would be free to take me for anything I needed.

Back home the narrow roads are congested, and we move real slow on the roads. Here you whiz past at terrifying speeds. My heart drops down every time when I am made to drive on highways by my driving instructor Mike. Here we drive on the right whereas it was the opposite back home. Meanwhile there are a hundred signs to get used to, and learn.

The first time I drove with Mike I repeatedly turned on the wipers when I needed to indicate the left or right turn.Back home the indicators are on the right side. I would mutter an embarrassed sorry every time it happened. 

Another scary thing are the up and down winding roads. I have wished (maybe a thousand times or more) I had driven in Houston where the ground is flat, it wouldn’t have been so terrifying now for me.
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6 thoughts on “Object”

  1. Life is all about learning. When child is born knew nothing acquired everything from this world slowly and gradually. Don’t allow child inside you be older . Keep alive learning instinct. You have already learnt and reached to the destination where others can’t think off.

    Keep enjoying life the way it comes to you.

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  2. I don’t know who says, “driving is fun.” I had finished taking my driving lessons a few months back. It was not fun as I missed a turn and became the center of commotion and repeated a few other mistakes. But I did it finally, and hope that you will also be able to do it. Don’t think about the bus you’ll be travelling in, think about the car you’ll be driving. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for the upbeat comment. Today I managed to go to Food Lion to get some food items – like bread, Tostitos, shrimps and so on. I lost my way while going, but did reach it after a while. I was flustered while coming out and couldn’t locate my car. I had forgotten as to where I had parked it. When I was finally back home I gave myself a pat on the back. Thank God I won’t be dying of hunger anytime. Ha ha that was one worry too.

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      1. So proud of you Sheen! πŸ™‚ I’ve shifted to a new town and there has been a long break ever since I had touched the wheels of my car. The only thing I did was parking the car and moving it by an inch. I think I’ll be driving very soon when my grocery will be out of stock and no one will be home other than me. Scary!

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