The word dirty conjures the three of us— Lala (elder brother), my sister and I. Lest you get a wrong impression, we are the opposite — that is cleanliness personified. It must be some gene thing which we got from our father, cause in this respect we all are the same. My younger sister despite being handicapped by her debilitating illness keeps her home squeaky clean. How she does it? I am mystified. I am really in awe of her.

Once my brother in law took us to Red Lobster and parked in the area marked for disabled parking.

 I was wondering why he parked there, and then I realized it was because of my sister.
Same is the case with Lala. He is not well, but I always see him in immaculate condition. Lala is in charge of everything in his home — cooking, cleaning and washing. Whenever I visited his home I was amazed even at the pristine whiteness of the sheet on the cot outside in the verandah, on which Apa (my sis in law) usually reclines and takes a nap. Considering the dusty atmosphere in Peshawar, it is a miracle that Lala manages to keep everything dust free and clean.

In case of myself I don’t consider myself at par with them. But I was amazed by a neighbor, when I visited her and she said, “Do you know that you are legendary here about cleanliness?” Privately I laughed at myself. Why? One or two relatives had remarked, “You must be sitting all day doing nothing!” That was their opinion, but my neighbors held me in high esteem — it cheers my heart.


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