Today was the last day of my getting driving lessons from my driving instructor Mike. As I have written before driving is totally a different experience back home. 

My nerves have gone haywire when I am in the driving seat. Today Mike had me changing lanes frequently at high speeds. Once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t difficult. But the first moments did seem difficult. He told me to take deep breaths to calm my nerves.

He gave me the thumbs up sign for now, but he did say I stunk in driving when he arrived the first day.

I hadn’t really driven (in practice) a car from 2011-Feb 2016. When my late husband had become sick, we were totally dependent upon a driver. Then the last three years I spent with my son in Houston, he was not letting me buy a car. He would say, “Mama! You don’t really need a car, when I am there to take you around”.  Although in reality I waited a fortnight for him to take me anywhere.

I can only pray that my nerves don’t fail in the tests I have to take before I get my Virginia license.


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