It’s a Tricky Life

Isn’t it tricky I didn’t pass my road test. The first time I waited for the car to pass. It was quite near. After it passed, I moved into the left lane. The examiner lady said, “You waited too long”.

Today was the second time — the same test. I put on the left turn signal, and moved into the left lane well ahead of a car in the same direction. The lady examiner said, “you shouldn’t have done that”.

On next test day I will be sweating–my nerves shred into tiny bits. Please remember me in your prayers.



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9 thoughts on “It’s a Tricky Life”

  1. It sounds like the inspectors are really being rather picky with your driving style. I’m sorry it’s been so difficult. Really, who cares how long it takes you to merge, unless you have a mile of traffic behind. Some things take getting used to.

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  2. Is there someone else you can practice driving with before your next road test? Gosh, it sounds miserable there. Have positive thoughts, and if so inclined perhaps ask God or a higher power to help pull you through.

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    1. There is no one. Actually there are one or two friends of my daughter living here. I wouldn’t like to disturb them, cause they have their jobs and families to take care of. I will have to muddle through this on my own. Hope God helps me.

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      1. I will say a prayer. He istens, and he cares. Trust him and remember to put that trust in Him the next time you have to test. He’ll bring you sailing through. – muttering about foolish inspector/testers. 🙂 Have a good night!

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      2. Thank you. I do say my prayers. I hope I do pass, otherwise I will will be forced to attend classes. DMV is quite a distance from my place and it will be sheer torture to go daily.


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