A Box for a Suitcase

Last November I left US for a home visit. While there I changed my plan. Instead of coming back to Houston, I came to Charlottesville to live. I needed my clothes, shoes and other stuff lying at (my son) S’s home. Earlier he had sent two of my suitcases via post. That cost a hundred and six bucks. S had not checked the suitcases. One of them was empty except for a long coat. Thank God I got the coat. It was freezing, and I was thinking of rushing to a shop to buy one, and it came handy. Houston is a warm place, and I had left wearing summer clothes.

I still needed to get my things, and empty my locker at a bank. I flew to Houston on 11th April. S had brought my stuff to the hotel room. Obviously I couldn’t carry them all back with me. I sorted them into three piles. One were things I needed more. The second one was left for another trip, either S was coming for a visit, or I made another visit later in the year. The third one was a give away.

Back at Charlottesville airport at midnight the next day, we (fellow travelers) were waiting at baggage area for our luggage. An inquisitive lady couldn’t stop herself from asking me, “Why the boxes, and what’s in them?”

I explained, “I didn’t want to spend extra money on taking suitcases with me while I was going. I am using the boxes to bring my things back”.

She gave me a thumbs up sign, and said, “Good idea!”




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