Pen Park
In driving across the winding roads of Charlottesville the name changes are highly confusing. It doesn’t change once…… changes thrice in a row. I stare at crossroads — now where do I go? Take a right turn, straight ahead, or a left turn. I turn a deaf ear to the honking behind me, as I try to make up my mind quickly.

I am calmer when the roads are almost empty at certain hours, or like on Saturdays. There is no one behind me, and I can take my time to decide.

When the passenger seat is occupied by M2, and she doesn’t enlighten me which turn to take, I am sure to take a wrong turn. I turn back again to find the right direction.

Last Friday there was a picnic party at Pen Park, and M2 wanted to attend. M2 made me under take two trips to her dorm, once to fetch her and again to bring her class fellow who wanted to go to the picnic too. The girls got busy talking, M2 failed to point out the correct turn, and the result was more delay in reaching the park.




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