Chaos reign supreme on my small dinning table. My bills, bank statements, letters, iPad, iPhone, chocolates, salt and pepper, box of tissues, plates, computer — all vie for space on it. When having my three meals of the day, I try to find an area to put the food down on it.
The thing is: I have yet to acquire a writing table. That is a must if I have to organize the jumble you see lying on the table. The chief fear is getting heavy with furniture and moving with it to some place else. Who is going to pack the stuff and how?


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5 thoughts on “Chaos”

    1. My daughter helped me to settle here assembling the dinning table and chairs for me. The furniture store who delivered the items of furniture I ordered helped with the rest.
      The thing is I am trying not to acquire more, but now I think I will have to give in.


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