I love ice cream and other sweet concoctions. I can never say no to any of them. It is not heathy for me to have sugary food. Diabetes run in my family, and it’s better for me if I can stay away. I bought an ice cream maker last year so that I could have home made ice cream. It’s healthier making your own. At least you know what is going into your stomach.

I never used to like store bought strawberries ice cream. When I made my own — I loved it. Here is the recipe:

1 can condensed milk

1 can evaporated milk

1 cup whipped cream

1 cup strawberries (blended through a mixer).

Combine and pour the mixture into the maker. Switch on. Your ice cream is ready in 25 minutes.

You can add 1 cup more of whipped cream to the mixture so that it remains soft while remaining in the freezer. Personally I don’t want the added cup. It gives me the jitters thinking of all that cream in my stomach.

Two weeks ago I invited a few ladies to lunch. For dessert I made a walnut-sooji halwa and strawberries ice cream. You can guess rightly the left overs were consumed by whom?

Afterwards I was in a dire state of anxiety. Why? Because I had eaten a surplus of sugary food. I was convinced I got the diabetes by the many visits to the rest room. It was a scare truly.




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7 thoughts on “Healthy”

  1. Well, if diabetes runs in the family, it is quite dangerous to consume much of sugars. It is just so bad and depressing to test sugar levels and stick finger 5-6 times a day and when everything goes out of range and results in either very high or very low glucose levels, it’s even more often. Multiple injections every day is no fun either. I have type I diabetes as a result of very many surgeries and they caused the pancreas to stop working , meaning it does not produce insulin in the absence of beta cells. I have to know what will result in what, so I never eat out , maybe once or twice a year and restaurant food always cause my glucose levels go nuts. I’m not a big eater, and especially when one has to eat three times a day, food sort of looses attraction. I do not ever eat any ready made sweets and thankfully I do not love, ice creams, chocolate and other overly sweet things. That helps. I don’t have to do any special exercising and other stuff because I cannot due to many surgeries that caused problems with my mobility and secondly there’s no time. I would suggest you try focusing on tasty things which are not that sweet. There must be something which love apart from desserts. I find them abnormally over-sweetened in North America. It was way better in Europe. Realistically we can cut the sugar in any recipe 3 times and that will make it taste better, have more flavor, etc.
    You can replace love to sweet foods by doing something else you like. It’s hard to say what that could be, but for me personally painting and drawing works very well to forget even strong pain and depression. Having regrets won’t make anything better. Ideally, we need to live so that we do not regret anything.

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