When my (late) husband R was a Log Area Commander in Peshawar we lived for five years in a lovely old house. As the house was built in the late 1800, the old kitchen was built away from the main building. The people before us had turned the pantry adjoining the dinning room into a kitchen. I used the same kitchen but I needed a store room. For that I utilized one of the rooms of the old kitchen for a store.

The problem was that I could be seen from the main gate where our guard stood, and the passerbys on the road.  I didn’t want to be on view all the time, I needed something for privacy. I gave R the idea for what I wanted done to build me a screen. The easy way was to have a small brick wall but that would have restricted the flow of air. Instead a raised platform for plants and a trellis of woodwork was made. I have forgotten the name of the climbers which I planted. In time the trellis was covered with the climbers. The fragrance of the flowers was unbelievable.

The plants flourished. It looked a beautiful sight, a green canopy of leaves covered with flowers. For my part I did add a thing of beauty to the old house, and I had my perfect screen from the roadside. 



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