I am in a pensive mood

What has become of my son and his life

How he suffers at the hands of his wife and her lies

What will be the outcome? 

Why is she doing this to him?

All because I refused to hand over what my husband left me

All because my son refused to leave his mother a destitute

She took the no to wreck havoc with her husband’s life

With no thoughts of her own children

The lawyers in their greed are going to prolong the case

What will be the outcome?

I never knew that courts and lawyers here don’t provide justice

They don’t dig out facts

Only the one with lies is the winner

In the end my son’s savings gone

No home???

Darkness prevails in the courtrooms here

Dear God! You see what’s happening?

Will there be justice?



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23 thoughts on “Pensive”

    1. This is stark realty. I suffer at what heartbreak my son is going through. He loved her. My son is a simple soul. My son has never looked at another woman. He has never cheated, nor he is a drinker. He says his prayers five times a day.
      When she couldn’t persuade him to take what my husband left to me, she made his life miserable. She filed for divorce. His lawyer is in cohorts with her lawyer has the ruling done in her favor. He has to go on paying the mortgage on their home, a lump sum of money for her expenditure, utilities bills, medical bills.
      He has no home. He is trying to find and rent a place for himself. How he is going to exist? From his pay only three hundred dollars are left for him to live on. How he is going to rent a place or get food?
      He could have resigned from his job and said he doesn’t have a cent, but he doesn’t want his children to suffer and doesn’t want to be away from them.

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      1. Oh boy! I am so so sorry for what your son and your family are going through right now. It is so not fair. Not one bit. I sincerely hope your son gets through this and finds happiness soon. My prayers and best wishes to you and your family.

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  1. My love and prayers for your family. God watches and knows all. Your son’s trials and goodness to provide for his children and watch out for you – do not go unnoticed. Trust this.

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      1. I have been through many things in my life. I know you’ve read many of my posts. I divorced 10 years ago, walked away with nothing but my life and my two youngest sons (oldest was 18/college). I work hard and feel at times that I spin my wheels. I have learned not to ask why this has happened to me and instead ask “what lesson are you teaching me?”. There is something God has yet to reveal. One very apparent truth is that the love he gave was undeserved, on day he may discovered himself loved in ways he never even dreamed of by another. Today – is too soon to see that. Today he has to struggle through how to survive. I am appalled to read he has to pay so much – she never worked it seems? So sorry for this news. Love and prayers – God hears us, even when He is silent He is there.

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      2. Thank you. At the moment he is hurting deeply. He keeps on repeating why this happened to him? He keeps on saying that he loved her and tried to be the best.
        It will take time and prayers for him to get over her.
        Sorry to learn what happened to you. You must be a very brave person to get through the sadness and grief.
        Hope you and your boys have a wonderful life ahead of you.


  2. I pray that Insha’Allah these difficulties that you and your family is facing may become easy on you and may Allah replace these times with so much happiness and contentment. Have Sabr. Barak Feeki Allah

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