When a cold wind is blowing

And the sky gets laden with clouds

And the twinkling stars disappear, and it seems they are no more

The weather is gloomy

I go back to the awful days of my husband’s illness

The last years of his life

Makes me inexplicably sad again




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14 thoughts on “Sky”

  1. I love you blog and follow you daily so I have nominated you for the three day quote challenge, you can check out the rules on my blog it’s for fun and a great way to find new interesting blogs.
    You post a quote you like each day, it can be a quote you like, something you have written or a piece from a book anything. You nominate three other blogs each day too. I hope you join in 🙂

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    1. Thank you Liza. You have an awesome blog.
      I would have loved to participate, but I am sorry I won’t be able to do so. Yesterday at noon my car met with an accident, and now I am minus a transport. I didn’t go to the emergency. Didn’t want the expenditure. Now my back, neck and arms are aching, and I do need to see a doctor. If she is able to see me today, I have to ask a neighbor to take me.

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