Will I Survive?

Smooth was the tongue with which she talked

I was taken by it before I knew

Wish I had known to save myself

From the misery that would follow through

The anguish I feel is like daggers drawn

Piercing me in several spots

With my heart ripped into pieces, blood drips unseen

The pain manifold, I never sought

Broken down and depressed is how I feel

Wasted love, wasted years have gone down the drain

Despair and exhaustion runs through my veins

Will I survive, will I remain?


This poem I have penned is in lieu of my son, and what he is going through at present.
Daily Prompt: Smooth

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8 thoughts on “Will I Survive?”

    1. Thank you, and please do keep my son in your prayers. I am deeply thankful, and prayers are what we need. Last night when I talked to him on phone I couldn’t sleep because of him being so sorrowful.

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  1. I hope and pray that things get better for both you and your son Sheen. Sometimes we do not know what lies beyond the pain and struggle but patience and strength along with prayers helps us to keep moving along.

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      1. Don’t worry I hope this blessed month brings him much needed joy, happiness, peace and success. Worrying is fine when it comes to ones children I guess but don’t forget to take care of yourself. 🙂

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      2. Thank you. I believe God will take care of my son, and eventually his life will be better than the one he is living now. It’s still hard to take as to what has happened.


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