I am sad at what happened in Orlando. Lives lost and families inundated with grief. It’s a very difficult time for all of us.

Questions arise in my mind.

When the killer was known to FBI, why was he allowed to carry firearms?

Why wasn’t he watched closely?

Why does a tragedy happens when FBI is having a drill and no police is there? It’s the scenario taking place every time an act of terrorism is done.

How come the killer is portrayed as a Muslim when he doesn’t even follow the basic tenets. He was a drunkard, didn’t say prayers.

Why isn’t a killer brought into an open court before people so that they know who is the real culprit behind and the motives of these senseless killings? Why is a killer killed outright? 

Why is this drama enacted after every few months?

Why are innocent people made to lose their lives due to the thoughts and actions of a few intent on spreading hatred and animosity? 




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5 thoughts on “Rebuild”

  1. Very good points my friend.
    I am sure they would rather bring the suspect/killer “in”. We don’t know all of the details in this particular case, but there were still lives at risk – he had hostages and either a police office or FBI was hit in the helmet and injured in the head from that. The last I read, 50 were dead on the scene and there were 50 or more living still to receive medical care, some I sadly guess may have also succumbed to his actions.
    I think most intelligent people realize this is a mental health issue, emotionally healthy, God loving people do not cause harm to others.

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