Back in my home country I had an unending struggle against weeds. I could never eradicate them. The lawn in my city home was small and manageable. It could be kept in check.

The huge lawns in the village home were in miserable state. Weeds ran rampant there. My late husband and I spent little time there. Whoever we kept in charge never did his job properly and was (is) a source of constant irritation. 

Whenever we were there I tried to find time in tackling the weeds. I would tire myself outright. Next time when we would go, I would find my previous efforts had gone down the drain. Despite my backache I never gave up, and never will.

When I reach my village home, and after throwing open windows and doors, I start pulling the weeds out. In the village, I spend more time outdoors than indoors. Women relatives of my husband usually come to visit me once they know that I have come. While they keep me company I keep up the attack on my enemy number one. 




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