I waited for summer to come

Watching the tree from my balcony 

The tree was bare without leaves

And summer came covering the tree

But I won’t be here again





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9 thoughts on “Summer”

  1. I love the simplicity. Even though there are few words, it’s still beautiful the way it is. I find it so difficult to use less words when I’m writing. Way to go! 🙂

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  2. Your lines reflects a little desperation in life.Life is beautiful and full of many seasons and summer is one of them.You have waited for the summer but say that you wont be there to welcome it.I hope that you are ever there to welcome not only summer but all the seasons of life.

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    1. Actually I am in the process of saying good bye to my home here. I don’t know whether I will be able to return to it, and Texas is a long way from Virginia.


      1. I have lived in Houston for two and a half years with my son before moving here. It’s very warm. It’s more picturesque here and cooler. If it wasn’t for my only son I wouldn’t move from here for all the treasures in the world.


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