I feel more like the above image.
I feel frail. Moving back to Houston has been more of an error. I feel mentally, and emotionally uneqipped to deal with the aftermath of an impending divorce between my son and his ex.

My two grandsons stay with us is coming to a close in a few days. Just thinking of their future life, and further down a year brings me to my knees in despair. I want to bury my head some place, so I don’t have to hear, see, deal with anything.

It’s having a disastrous effect on me. I am having constant headaches, as if with the slightest pressure my head is going to explode.




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4 thoughts on “Frail”

    1. At the moment I feel lost and worried at what is taking place. I wish I had the power to stop it, and feel grief at the broken home of my son. I hope the coming years are better for him and his sons.


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