The Mosque at San Jacinto, Galveston, Texas. You can see inside the Praying area.

My son and two grandsons praying


My earlier sanctuary for a long time was my home in Peshawar. Entering it brought peace of mind. After moving here permanently in 2013, I was far away from home, and would feel lost. I felt insecure, and wondered often (how I chafed at myself), at the decision I took at the insistence of my children that I should move here.

When I bought my small apartment in Virginia in February this year, it became my inner source of peace. I lived there for a short while. I felt extremely sad at leaving it last month to live with my son in Houston.

How long I last here, I have no inkling. At present when I enter my room, I feel happy. It’s where I say my prayers, and go to sleep— it’s my sanctuary.




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2 thoughts on “Sanctuary ”

  1. Thank you for sharing Sheen. Your writings sound like you long very much to be back “home”. I understand. You’ve lost your home and your freedom in many ways.

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