She watched Ali drawing noisy breaths through the ventilator. Who is going to look after her younger brother who had suffered brain hemorrhage a day earlier was the thought uppermost in her mind. Ali had never married,and he lived alone save for a couple of servants who took care of washing, cleaning and cooking for him. The people who worked for Ali weren’t much dependable, and the fact worried her to no end.

She came back at noon the next day to stay till evening. Her elder brother who stayed the night and part of the day went home to get his much needed rest. Ali was lying face down, and the ventilator wasn’t in sight. It meant he was breathing on his own. She felt hopeful for the first time in her heart. It was so quiet unlike the first day.

She saw the doctor coming out of his room. She asked him, “Will my brother recover, and how soon he will get out of the hospital?”

The doctor looked at her strangely for a second before replying, “He is never going to recover. He is already dead”. With that the doctor called the nursing staff. As the unstoppable tears came she saw him being put on his back. They were removing the iv and drain cathrether from him, straightening his limbs, putting cotton in his nose, and tying his big toes together. After that they covered him with a sheet.

  • Through the tears she phoned her brother to let him know that Ali was gone, and he had to come to take him home onwards on his last journey. God had taken care of her worry, and Ali needed no one now.




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