In the years before I discovered embroidery, and needlepoint, I wanted a few oil paints to hang on the bare walls of our home. Oil paintings were expensive, and in those days we were always short of money.

I got my wish when we came across a struggling artist who was selling his work. I chose two for our home. One was of a rider on his horse with the setting sun in the background, and the second was a lovely scene of water, and trees. The first one was hanged in our living area, and it went well with the color of our sofas, curtains and carpet. The second oil painting was a combination of blues and greens. It complemented our bedroom.

A few years later my own needlework adorned the walls. Those paintings we had, needed their old frames to be removed. I had not liked their frames from the beginning. I wanted them reframed. I put them away, and then forgot them.

One day I was wading through our old paraphernalia put away, I discovered them again. I had to throw them, because un beknowest to me they had been damaged by termites, and in no way the damage could be undone.




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2 thoughts on “Paint”

    1. Just three left with me, and they are in my home country, rest I gave away. When my husband died in 2012, I gave away most of my cherished possessions. In 2013 I moved here, because my children wanted me not to live alone.

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